I'm a software engineer based in Los Angeles, CA.

"I’ve worked on exciting projects that involved FaceTime, Android, F-35, & an unmanned drone".


Apple Inc

January 2022 - Present

• Screen and triage issues related to the real-time media conferencing layer in FaceTime and route them to the appropriate teams.
• Develop and improve JavaScript plugins that extract and remodel raw data to facilitate the triaging process, considerably decreasing the screening time per issue.
• Design and create multiple web applications as part of our monorepo that helps our sub-teams visualize raw data and execute various actions from a user-friendly interface.
• Document the screening process by creating multiple checklists for each category of issues and help with onboarding and mentoring new hires.

Qualcomm Inc

October 2020 - December 2021

• Worked on developing and modifying several applications that are used both within the organization and by external clients.
• Adapted new technologies that significantly increased performance across different tools and decreased technical debt.
• Streamlined the development process to ensure efficient and well-structured code-base by designing and writing code templates.
• Documented various processes, guidelines, and conventions to ensure consistency in performance, design, and user-experience across an entire application.

Moog Aircraft Group

June 2019 - July 2020

• Worked on developing and executing test cases to ensure flight software meets requirements under the DO-178C guidelines for the Boeing MQ-25 UAS program.
• Worked on integrating and modifying the real-time acceptance test software for the Boeing KC-46 Aerial Refueling Tanker, automating approximately 5 hours’ worth of manual data-sheet processing per unit tested, significantly reducing task time.
• Rolled out a test software version update for both parts in the Boeing KC-46 program, developing new tests and modifying existing ones to comply with acceptance criteria.
• Deployed real-time test software for a F-35 PDU HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) test stand and migrated existing code while applying the necessary modifications to ensure proper functionality.
• Created, modified, and debugged several Python interfaces that are used company wide, such as an interface for the Thermotron 8800 thermal chamber controller that was completed ahead of scheduled time.
• Contributed to the software library and worked on integrating commercial test software with the company-specific test executive.
• Revised and wrote technical documents such as software configuration index and test procedures for new releases of software.


A python CLI that allows a Robinhood user to easily allocate and divide his capital on different stocks.

Includes several functionalities such as:
• Rebalancing portfolio based on a simple excel sheet.
• Generating an excel sheet/csv file to from a watchlist.
• Ability to cancel all/buy/sell orders.
• Ability to sell all current holding with one command.
• Logging all transactions for user safety.

Robinhood Portfolio Manager  Animated Demo

A full-fledged GUI system that facilitated parking management by providing:

• User and access control.
• Parking movement control.
• Ability to view live parking activity.
• Creating and printing parking validations.
• Controlling parking gates and pay stations.
• Exporting and creating daily revenue reports.
• Changing parking rates and number of open spaces.

Parking Management System Video Demo


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